New Tapestry

New Tapestry Travale

I’m really glad to share this piece I’ve done for the Kessels Kramer project New Tapestry that’s all about different illustrators world wide doing pieces about major weekly news events that happened in 2009. They are all going to be assembled together as a modern recreation of the Bayeux Tapestry, which depicted the current events of 1066! I had week 49 and chose to do an illustration based on the Queen of England issuing a strong warning newspapers to stop publishing paparazzi photos of the Royal Family. The whole thing can be viewed online starting January 8th.

And with this piece I’m closing out 2009! So much has happened for me this year and I’m so grateful for all my family and friends that helped and supported me through all my adventures. I’m excited to see what the futuristic world of the year TWENTY X will bring! Happy New Year everybody!

From Me To You

The holiday show “From Me To You” opened last Saturday at Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto. A good time was had! Thanks so much to everyone who made it out to the opening. The show is on until Jan 29th so make sure to go check it out if you’re in the area! Here’s the five paintings I did for the show.

Dressed To Impress
“Dressed To Impress”

Smaller paintings

“Dracula”, “Robo Dracula”, “Milkman”, and “Were Milkman”

Walt DisneyWorld!

I just got back on Friday from a great trip I took to DisneyWorld in Florida with my mom, sister and nephew! It was a great time and it was so nice to see all the great stuff inspiring stuff going on over there. I haven’t been since I was a kid and it was like a completely different experience visiting all the parks and resorts. Thought I have to say I still love Pirates Of the Carribean the most! Here’s a few pictures I snapped of some things I enjoyed seeing over there:

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World

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