Something that I’ve been rediscovering lately is the claymation series Pingu! The show started airing in 1986 and is all about this penguin named Pingu and the little adventures he has. One of the great things about it is there is no definite language that the characters speak. Instead they have this sort of nonsense language comprised of mumbles and noises! The stories to each episode are pretty simple and easy to follow and what really carries the show (for me) is the great characterization. The animators really pushed the exaggeration of the reactions of the characters. I love how Pingu’s beak stretches out when he’s making that loud “Nuuut!” noise and that the characters will just turn into balls and roll around or completely flatten out is just great.

Look at Pingu’s reaction at 1:50! It’s so great. I really like how the water is handled, too. A lot of the time you see water in claymation looking really goopy and shiny but here they seem to have just gone with blue clay. I think I really prefer it this way. It gives it a heavier look but I really like how the splashing water comes off.

Apparently these two episodes Pingu’s Lavatory Story and Pingu’s Dream have been banned in some places!

What a great colour scheme to their house! I’d love to have a red couch with blue cushions like that.

So this is one of the things that has been inspiring me lately! What have you all been getting excited about recently?