Fan stuff galore

My pals and I were really excited for the latest Harry Potter movie so we all took turns drawing ourselves in which Hogwarts houses we think we would be sorted in. I put myself in Slytherin.

House Pride meme

If any of you are My Little Pony fans, I hope you’ll consider submitting to this just for fun and not for profit Colouring Book Fanzine I am putting together! More info about it here.

MLP Colouring book fanzine

I realized I never actually put up the piece I did for Captain Picard Day last month, so here it is!

Captain Picard Day

Lastly, some sketcbook silliness involving more My Little Pony stuff. This is me imagining what the cast of the latest show would look like as human males.

Brony dudes

Got a lot of other projects in the works, getting ready for FanExpo Toronto at the end of August, and I’m also working on a redesign of my website! Check back for more of all that business soon!


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Draw yourself in your Hogwarts house! Gryffindor: bethmaher Hufflepuff: hospitalvespers baysaltserenity-failshanoodlesempoole Ravenclaw: doofusyjoebloodyhunterjorsh-jorshrebeccadrawssnarkies Slytherin: travalemarky-annageekshowinkstefangrambart If you do one, just send me a note or reply to this with a link and I’ll add you to the list!