Six Seasons And A Movie

His name was Alex

Slashfilm posted up a sneak peek of the upcoming ‘Six Seasons And A Movie’ happening towards the end of next month and it included my piece for the show, “His name was Alex”. So I figured it was safe to share some photos of it! Hope you guys like it!

The actor who plays Starburns, Dino Stamatopoulos has been involved in quite a few stop motion projects such as Moral Orel and Frankenhole, wrote Community’s stop motion episode, and co founded a stop mo studio, Starburns Industries! So I thought it would be fitting to immortalize his character in puppet form. Had a lot of fun making this!

The show runs June 23-24 presented by PixelDrip Gallery at Monk Space in L.A. Check out more info here! It’s going to be an amazing show, hope you can make it out!


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For once in my life I am actually having a lot of fun going to life drawing every week. I read drawing with force, started using a china marker to draw with, and the fact that there’s no assignment and no pressure means FUN TIMES ARE HAPPENING! I’m basically just doing whatever I want and […]