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I’m going through all my external hard drives looking through old art because I’m starting to re do my website and I found this drawing from a few years back. This is still probably my favourite drawing that I have ever done of myself ever. It just says SO MUCH. 



A Little Bit On The Documentary Filmmaking Side: Here’s a sneak peek at the documentary that Annie Wilkes and Evan Koehne are shooting of the Six Seasons and a Movie art show. Much like the art show, what started out as a simple project has evolved into something even greater. In the trailer you can see Ben DeGuzman, Karina McBeth, Jon Schnepp, Kali Fontecchio, Jeff Victor, Tony Bui, Jim Mahfood, Howard M. Shum, Laur Uy, Arica Houy, J. Salvador, Sakari Singh, Claire Hummel, Jack Cusumano, Myke Chillian, Megan Ganz, Sam Spratt, Phil Mamuyac, and Stephen Yan. The full documentary will feature even more!

Love this preview for a documentary for the Six Seasons And A Movie Art show! I feel so lucky to have been asked to be a part of the show, it’s going to be AMAZING! So jealous of all you people who will get to go down to L.A. to see it in person! I hope there’s lots of photos I’ll be able to look at online afterwards!