So tomorrow at the studio they want us to show a few things we’ve animated during our time there, so I put together this little video with some of the footage I have on hand. 

That last walk cycle still breaks my heart. I thought it was going so well and then the puppet breaks! A common occurrence in stop mo, yes, but still annoying ahahah! 

Hi there! I absolutely adore your work and have been enjoying the snippets you’ve been uploading of your internship. Though you’ve probably answered this someplace else, I was wondering, are you working at a little animation company that does little skits or commercials, or?

Oh, thank you so much!! That’s really nice of you to say :D

I’ve been interning at Cuppa Coffee animation in Toronto in the stop motion department. They do lots of stuff there like commercials, cartoons in stop mo and 2d, sound recording etc. They don’t have any stop motion stuff in production right now so basically I’m just using a lot of their equipment and practicing like mad, trying to learn and improve as much as I can so I’ll be able to make a really good thesis film for my 4th year at Sheridan coming up this September