Halloween is coming!

Was off from school this week for our fall reading week but unfortunately I’ve been really sick the whole time! It’s awful timing and great timing. Hopefully I’ll be back to my normal self by Monday. I did managed to make this little diorama for fun over the past few days though! I love Halloween so much, it’s my favourite!

Magikarp Vest!

Magikarp vest!

Some people know that my favourite pokemon is Magikarp. It’s a completely useless thing, but if you stick it out and level it up it becomes a Gyarados, a totally AWESOME pokemon! We are all just Magikarps, born without knowing how to do anything, hoping to level up to become something amazing! Yes, I am totally serious! I think Magikarps are really inspiring to keep me working hard. I talk about Magikarps a lot because I think they are really great!

Magikarp vest!

Another thing about me is that I’ve always wanted a badass vest with a giant patch on that back. But I don’t think I could really ever come off as being that intimidating so instead I decided to embrace my dorkiness and make my own gym leader vest.

Magikarp vest!

It was a lot of fun making this thing! I started out with a jean jacket and did some cutting, bleaching, dyeing, and studding. I designed the patch and painted it on canvas with fabric paints, then stitched it on the vest. To finish it all off I got some pokemon gen1 gym badges that I bought online and made a couple buttons for the collar!

Magikarp vest!

I’ll be wearing it for sure at FanExpo next weekend which Craig and I are tabling at again this year. So if you see me wandering around, or behind our table A262, come and say hi!

Magikarp vest!

Six Seasons And A Movie

His name was Alex

Slashfilm posted up a sneak peek of the upcoming ‘Six Seasons And A Movie’ happening towards the end of next month and it included my piece for the show, “His name was Alex”. So I figured it was safe to share some photos of it! Hope you guys like it!

The actor who plays Starburns, Dino Stamatopoulos has been involved in quite a few stop motion projects such as Moral Orel and Frankenhole, wrote Community’s stop motion episode, and co founded a stop mo studio, Starburns Industries! So I thought it would be fitting to immortalize his character in puppet form. Had a lot of fun making this!

The show runs June 23-24 presented by PixelDrip Gallery at Monk Space in L.A. Check out more info here! It’s going to be an amazing show, hope you can make it out!