Collab in progress

Now that winter break is here I can get back to work on the collaboration that my pal M.Harris and I are doing! She designed this guy and sent me the model sheet she made and I’ve been attempting to make him into a puppet. I’ve been learning a lot through making this, it’s been a lot of trial and error but I think I’m on the right track!

Collab process 1

Adventures in Knitting

Adventures in knitting!

Check out this cowl I made, I am super happy with how it turned out. Yeah, it’s still a little too warm to really be wearing it but I am just proud of myself that I actually finished it since I’ve only knitted twice before and that was about five years ago! This was my first time using circular needles, too! Those things are pretty neato. I wound two pieces of yarn together as I knitted since the dark blue one with the little sequins was pretty thin and I didn’t want to spend a thousand years making this here thinger.

So school is back on and it’s GREAT! Already lots of homework and I am loving it all. Good to be back, learning about animation!

A pirate’s life for me!

Pirate doll final
Here’s the finished doll and background! Im pretty happy with how the whole thing turned out but I definitely won’t be working this small next time I try something along these lines.

Materials used: For the doll the face and hands are painted sculpey on a body made of wire and tin foil, the clothing is felt, linen, silk, wool, and thread and the book was made out of paper sewn and glued together. The background images were made from painted watercolour paper cut and glued together on cardboard to give it dimension. Then more cardboard was layered to make it pop off the blue painted backdrop. Then I photographed it outside in natural light and cleaned up the picture in photoshop and added some softening to the edges with the dodge tool to give it more of a dreamy quality to it.