So close!

Been super hard at work finishing up my thesis film. The Champ! I’ve still been posting little snippets on my production blog (which you can check out here). In the meantime, here is the 2014 Sheridan Animation Industry Day promo video! It’s got clips of some of the short films being produced this year, and I animated the intro and outro for the video. Hope you like it!

Lots of exciting things!

Super Punch Tarot Show

The Super Punch Tarot art show is coming up at Bear and Bird Gallery! Check out my King of Coins piece on the flyer!

Wizard World Toronto Comic Con

Also coming up in March is the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con which I was invited to exhibit at. Really excited for that one as it’s my first time attending the show! Hope to see some of you there!

TCAF 2011

Further down the road in May is TCAF which I will be returning to exhibit at this year! I had such a great time last year and met so many people. I’m really looking forward to this show! Best of all it’s free to attend so everyone should come check it out!

Black Forest

Lastly, Thurop Van Orman has started releasing some images from his new project, Black Forest. Last year he commissioned me to do some text embroidery based off of his design and there it is on the top left corner. Kind of neat to be involved in a tiny way :D