More film things!

I was testing pigment in silicone today trying to match-ish my skin tone. Since I A) am on a tight budget and don’t want to buy the “recommended pigments” and B) can’t find alternatives on the internet, I decided to document my colour experiments with things I have found around the house. 

Everything but the non-latex acrylic set well, I don’t know if this has anything to do with the age of the acrylic paint I used. its been sitting in our craft cupboard ever since I can remember…. 

So I will be doing a test run of a pair of arms within the week hopefully with the makeup as pigment. Next time I know I have to grind the powder finer because there was some noticeable chunks on the bottom of the sample. 

OH man, Celina!!! Thank you so much for documenting this!! VALUABLE INFORMATION RIGHT HERE PEOPLE!

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