Contest time!


Wanted to hold another contest for a while now to say thanks to everyone for following my blog/tumblr/twitter/etc! I really appreciate the feedback from you all. I promise to continue making things and I hope that you will keep looking at them!

So here’s the deal for this contest:
You can enter by leaving a comment on this blog post or liking this post on my tumblr. Make sure I can get in contact with you if you win via email! Contest open to everyone anywhere in the world but one entry per person please! Pretty easy, right? You can enter till Wednesday June 6 12:01 am E.S.T. Then I’ll hold a random draw to select the winner.

What the winner gets: A custom puppet of your choosing that I will make and mail to you! It can be an original character of your own, a celebrity, a character from a tv show, whatever you want! I’ll put my own creative spin on it and make it just for you. You just have to be able to supply me with some reference for me to base the puppet off of.

I think that’s it! Good luck to everyone!

32 comments on “Contest time!

  1. wow it would be so awesome to win a custom puppet made by you! i’m crossing my fingers and toes!

  2. Well, I sure would be in higher spirits to win a cute puppet ^^”’ it sure would be nice.

  3. Awesome, you’re the one who made the Starburns puppet! Very cute! I’d love to be entered in this~ (:

  4. Rosemary, this is such a cute idea! I would LOVE A CUSTOM PUPPET! YAYYAYYAY!!!

    Spotted: Custom puppets traipsing around the Upper East Side. Where’s the puppet master tonight?


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