End of summer art dump

It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over and in another week it’s back to school. I’ve been kind of slow with posting to this blog lately so here’s a whole bunch of digital art you may or may have not seen around my usual haunts.

First up, a drawing for my pal Drew of one of his awesome characters, Magnus Mayhem.

Magnus Mayhem

Rock Me Amadeus

Based on the video for Falco’s song Rock Me Amadeus.


Lupin the 3rd bookmark. One of all time favourite series!


RED and BLU Team Fortress 2 Engineer bookmarks. (My second favourite class to The Pyro)

Tuff and Ruff

I originally did a watercolour version of this for my the wonderful Kyla in an art trade we did. (Look at this amazing Sexy Paul Bunyan she drew for me!) I saved the lines and decided to give a go at colouring it up in photoshop.


And lastly a bunch of random character drawings that I made into some buttons.

I’m itching to get back to doing some gouache painting sometime soon! Hopefully I’ll get a chance once I’m settled in at my new apartment just before classes start up. Also, it’s been so hot I’m absolutely thinking about shaving down part of my hair. And putting a lightning bolt on the side of my head. It will probably make me draw faster or something. HOTTEST NEW LOOK FOR THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL Y/Y?

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