Fan Expo is over!

Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by my table! I had a such a great time, wore my MF TRAVALE shirt, met so many people and I didn’t lose my voice even though I was recovering from a cold! The worst part about conventions is I never get to talk to people for as long as I want to! The convention was packed all weekend which was great but I hardly got to see any of the floor other than the awesome Tron Legacy display which I just couldn’t let myself miss checking out. Of course I didn’t take nearly enough photos, as usual. Now it’s back to work to meet a deadline for Crown Royale Vol. 00 that is going to debut at Yaoi con 2010 and get ready to move to go to school to learn some animation skills at Sheridan College. Everyone go out and enjoy the last bit of summer vacation that’s left!

Fan Expo 2010

Fan Expo 2010

Fan Expo 2010

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