I like doing these yearly summaries on dA. It’s neat looking back to see the progression of someone’s art!

In my summary last year I said that I wanted to work more of layouts and lighting. I think I did make some progress in that direction! I will keep at it Looking at this summary, I feel like I really hit a good stride around May and my stuff took a big leap there. It’s kinda crazy the improvement I’ve made since 2009. I am proud of myself!

If I had to pick a favourite thing that I made this year, I would probably say my Saloon painting from November. I had a lot of fun working on that one!

For the coming year I want to focus on model making and puppet fabrication. I’d love to learn about silicone casting and sculpting! When I’ve finished the plague doctor I’ve been collaborating with hospitalvespers on I am going to try to make some kind of environment. A corner of a room or something like that!

So here’s to a New Year filled with lots of hard work! I’m looking forward to it! Exclamation mark!

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