It’s vacation time, brother!

Well, it was vacation time! I’ve been away for the past month down in Florida with my folks and Craig who showed up for the last two weeks.


It didn’t have the best start, as summed up by this sketch comic I drew in my sketchbook. I was pretty annoyed about that guy being incredibly rude to my family and I, but it’s not like you can really talk back to some jerk that has the power to keep you out of the country you’re trying to go to.

Bird Sanctuary Tiki Bar

I didn’t really take many pictures over the time I was down there, but here are two of Craig. We went to the Sea Bird Sanctuary one day to draw some birds, which was pretty great. After that we went and had lunch at a tiki bar on the boardwalk. All in all the trip was really relaxing and fun. I even picked up a ukulele at a music store around the corner from where we were staying and starting teaching myself how to play! So I’m currently obsessed with that. Anyway, it’s so great to be home. Now I just need to tackle that pile of work I’d been neglecting!

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