Scribblenauts Plush

It’s been a while now since I’ve done any video game related crafting, so I thought I should change that! Next week Scribblenauts comes out for the Nintendo DS and it looks AMAZING! You write pretty much anything and it appears in the game! Then you use those things that appear to help the main character Maxwell solve puzzles and stuff. It looks so much fun! I’ve been following news on this game for a while. When I saw that Super Punch was having a little Scribblenauts themed contest, it gave me the idea to try to make a plush Maxwell along the lines of the Coraline doll I made with my pal Mike last March. So here it is!

Scribblenauts Plush

He stands at 14 inches tall from soles of his sculpey shoes to the tip of his red rooster hat.

Scribblenauts Plush

Scribblenauts Plush

I also made a tiny spiral bound notebook and pencil for him to carry around!

Scribblenauts Plush

His gloves are made of plastic vinyl, his clothes cotton, his body is canvas and linen, his rooster hat is fleece and the star is foam.

Scribblenauts Plush

I was really happy with how his headphones turned out. I made them with the bottoms of 25 cent machine capsules!

Scribblenauts Plush

Scribblenauts Plush

Scribblenauts Plush

Thanks for looking!

Scribblenauts Plush

This Maxwell plush doll is for sale for $150 US plus shipping. Feel free to send me an email if you are interested in owning him!

21 comments on “Scribblenauts Plush

  1. I saw your plush Maxwell on Kotaku and it is really awesome, however I noticed a couple things…

    1. Maxwell’s skin is Caucasian tan rather than pure white.

    2. This is minor, but Maxwell doesn’t have eyebrows and his eyes are a little higher.

  2. Thank you Lauren and Mike!

    On some of the promo artwork Maxwell does have eyebrows! Check out the wall paper downloads on the Scribblenauts website. The fabric I used for his face and body is a bit more off white than the photos show, but yeah he is a bit pale! His head is a bit square too hahah :D

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  12. @Rosemary Travale

    I just realized he did have eyebrows (even on the cover), just not in the game, so I feel stupid about that.

    @Richard Butte

    lol, good point, though people can critique things without being able to do.

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  14. Hi Rosemary, Well done – Maxwell looks great! I am wondering – Please can you help with some advice? I am making a Maxwell costume for my son (age 10 size 12) I didn’t realise that’s a hoodie he’s wearing. Or have I got it wrong? And is the lighter fabric over the darker blue a separate singlet or just a two toned long sleeve hooded T shirt? Maybe down loadable sewing patterns are worth trying. I’m sure a lot of mum’s could use them. My sister is busy with a Zelda suit at the moment! Thanks.

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