Some people know that my favourite pokemon is Magikarp. It’s a completely useless thing, but if you stick it out and level it up it becomes a Gyarados, a totally AWESOME pokemon! We are all just Magikarps, born without knowing how to do anything, hoping to level up to become something amazing! Yes, I am totally serious! I think Magikarps are really inspiring to keep me working hard. I talk about Magikarps a lot because I think they are really great!

Another thing about me is that I’ve always wanted a badass vest with a giant patch on that back. But I don’t think I could really ever come off as being that intimidating so instead I decided to embrace my dorkiness and make my own gym leader vest.

It was a lot of fun making this thing! I started out with a jean jacket and did some cutting, bleaching, dyeing, and studding. I designed the patch and painted it on canvas with fabric paints, then stitched it on the vest. To finish it all off I got some pokemon gen1 gym badges that I bought online and made a couple buttons for the collar!

I’ll be wearing it for sure at FanExpo next weekend which Craig and I are tabling at again this year. So if you see me wandering around, or behind our table A262, come and say hi!

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