Dungeons and Dragons


So we’ve been talking about starting up a D&D group! This is what I’m thinking of going with for my character: Dean COMMAND, the elf ranger. Yep, totally based on my rock band dude because he is AWESOME.

Elves are supposed to be fair and not be able to grow facial hair so Craig and I decided that he’s under a warlock’s curse! He thinks it’s kind of rad though so he isn’t looking to breaking it.

Dean the BARD

But then Stefan suggested I give him a guitar and make him a bard! I’m assuming how bards work is they lull their enemy into a trance with their beautiful music and then beat them to death with their instruments?

That anime stuff

I’m doing this list of 100 art challenges on and off and one was “draw in a completely different style”. So I went with drawing Tor in that super deformed cutesy anime thing. (I think it’s secretly adorable)


A quick pan for my digital class that I quite like. I love using that pink colour for trees!

Last but not least, I’ve started up an animation centric tumblr called AnimationHOORAY! since I wasn’t able to find anything like that already on tumblr. I’m posting up animation and animation resources and other relevant and inspiring things. It’s been really fun so far and I’ve been getting great responses!