Disney Concept Art Tumblr

So my pal Jordo aka doofusy showed me this Disney Concept Art Tumblr today. I thought I would share it because there’s some pretty good posts going up on there! So maybe check it out if you can get past the fact that the person who runs it posts up pictures of herself posing for the camera every now and then (which, you know, isn’t disney concept art), has music on auto play when you open the page (a massive pet peeve of mine), and the first song that plays isn’t even from an animated movie OR a Disney movie. *

BUT SERIOUSLY! All that aside, it’s worth checking out! There’s some really nice  and inspiring stuff being posted!

*For anyone who cares the song is ‘Flying’ composed by James Newton Howard for the 2003 live action Peter Pan. Love that movie so much. Jason Isaacs is such a good Hook you guys. 



After the success of Mermates, my co-producers and I are doing a new web series (that I also wrote/created) called The Common Cult. It’s about five friends in their thirties, who have known each other since high school. They’re also in a Lovecraftian blood cult trying to raise an Old God to our plane of existence. Here’s episode one!

Ok this is pretty hilarious you guys. Everyone go and watch my pal’s new webseries! Do it now!