3 comments on “TARDamask for sale!

  1. Congratulations, and I love the design so much that I tracked down your blog just to tell you so! I’m even reconsidering my no t-shirt stance… but it’s such a beautiful repeating pattern that I can see on so much more than just a t-shirt; have you considered offering it on Spoonflower, instead?

  2. Hi Rosemary,
    I missed out at threadless. Do you have any word on a reprint?

  3. Hello Rosemary,

    I was recently showcasing my work at Dragoncon and I had two buyers come up to me wearing this shirt. I was immediately head over heels for it. Not for me, per se (though I would absolutely love one)- but for my boyfriend. It fits his aesthetic PERFECTLY and he’s a big Doctor Who fan. However I was extremely late to this party and it is sold out. I’m crushed- it’s very rare I see something that is perfect for him and it’s like a kick to the gut that when I do it’s unavailable.

    Do you know whether there will be a re-printing? If not- do you know of any way I could get my hands on a men’s medium? I’m kind of desperate for it.

    Please contact me at RobotClouds@gmail.com if you have any ideas.

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