TCAF was AMAZING! I can’t say thank you enough to everyone who stopped by my table to say hello or bought something from me. You are all lovely and wonderful people and have a special place in my heart. Thank you for making my first time tabling at TCAF such a rad and totally amazing experience! Thanks so much to the people behind TCAF for accepting me into the show. And for putting together such a great show! And to all the volunteers for being so helpful and on top of their game! I’ve never felt so taken care of at a convention before! I feel like I spent the entire weekend talking to so many people but I still didn’t get the chance to see everyone I hoped I would. But you can’t escape my clutches and I’ll force my friendship on you all eventually! One of my favourite thing about conventions is being able to finally meet so many pals that I only know online and there was an abundance of that going on this time around!

Seriously you guys, TCAF is one of the best shows around. I could write thousands of sentences all ending in exclamations about how much fun it is and what a great time I had last weekend. Too bad I’m a dork and I forgot my camera, so I’ve got to go around snatching pictures other people took to prove the fun that was cram packed into the Toronto Reference Library, like this one from the incredible Joseph Lambert

TCAF by subsub

So here’s to everyone involved in making TCAF possible! Can’t wait for the next one! Now that I am so inspired and filled with creative energy it’s time to get back to work MAKING STUFF!

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