Thorin Puppetshield

Over the summer I decided I wanted to attempt to make a muppet style puppet. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to try and when I was joking with a friend that Richard Armitage’s Thorin Okenshield would make a good muppet, things just sort of came together. In between working on my stop motion thesis film at school this year, I’ve put in some time here and there to finish this!

And so I present: Thorin Puppetshield!

A big thanks to Craig for helping me out with photos!

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11 comments on “Thorin Puppetshield

  1. Oh goodness – that is really really cool. Love it. It should go into mass production – you’d get rich. The details are just right – the bits of grey in the hair, the braids, the silver clasps, the surly facial expression. Great stuff. Send a pic to “The Hobbit” on FB, or to RA himself – they’d be chuffed to be stuffed :-D

  2. Your Thorin Puppetshield is amazing! A job well done! The profile is stunning and did you use wool roving “dreads” for his hair? Love the hair flip. True Thorin style and look! He even has his very own Oakenshield!!!! :)

  3. Wow! You really did a fantastic job! As Guylty said, it would be a great idea to send a picture/ or a link to Richard’s agency- I’m sure he’ll love it !

  4. Great job!

    Semi-pro video tip: next time, have the puppeteer (or whoever is doing the voice of the puppet) start recording audio on an iPhone or something then put it in a shirt pocket. Sync the audio later in iMovie or what-have-you (can you tell I use a Mac?) — at any rate, this way you can actually hear what the “puppet” is saying instead of the camera operator.

    Better yet, dub over some actual dialog from the film!

  5. can you please tell me how you attatched the hair to make such a clean hairline? Thanks and great job

  6. First off amazing job. Could you please tell me how you attatched the hair to get such a clean,neat hairline?

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